Takeo Hirose was born in Kyoto, 1962 and presently lives in Chiba, Japan.

After graduate of Hitotsubashi university, He has worked for several famous food companies, including overseas assignment in Shanghai.

He started studying photography in earnest in 2011 when Japan suffered from the huge earthquake disaster.

Through the earthquake he understood that the beautiful sceneries are not eternal but actually very fragile, and noticed the importance of taking photos of the Japanese beauty.

His production concept is to express the world of traditional Japanese paintings and ink paintings with modern Japanese sensibility and the photo technology.

He develops his works with Dell 8K monitor, so the works are properly fitted for 8K monitor viewing and print.

He is also a big lover of dogs, especially westie.  His Instagram address for his westie is as follows;




2015  New York Art Fair (USA).

2015  Stockholm Art Book Fair (Sweden)

2015  Seoul Art Book Fair (South Korea)

2016  Art Book Fair Basel (Switzerland)

2017  Quoz Arts Fest and GPP Photo Week (Dubai)

2019  “Japan Photo Award Exhibition” of KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ 2019

2019  Solo Exhibition at Gallery 25N 

2019  Praxis Gallery "Mono - Kromatik"



2013  JPS (Japan professional photographers association prize), honorable mention

2014  JPS (Japan professional photographers association prize), honorable mention

2017  International Photography Awards, honorable mention (2 works)

2018  International Photography Awards, honorable mention

2018  National Geographic, Photo of the Day, September 19

2019  5th Fine art Photography Awards, fine art category, Nominee

2019  “B&W” competition of AAP Magazine #6, 3rd prize

2019  Moscow International Foto Awards, 1 Silver award, 1 honorable  mention

2019  Call for Solo exhibition at Gallery 25N, Winner.  The Christopher E. Burke Fine Art Grant

2019  Mono - Kromatik by Praxis Gallery, Director's choice award

2019  International Photography Awards, honorable mention (2 works)

2019  ND Awards, honorable mention (2 works)

2020  6th Fine art Photography Awards, fine art, landscape, conceptional, Nominee (3 works)

2020  A' Design Awards & Competitions 2020, Bronze A' Design Award  ( https://competition.adesignaward.com/gooddesign.php?ID=104030 )

2020  8th Zebra Awards, Grand winner

2020  Vienna International Photo Award 2020, honorable mention

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