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Published at the Italian online gallery!!

I was invited by Oculus Digitale, a non-profit organization that provides a platform for photographers' works in Turin, Italy, and the "Skyscrapers" series is now published in the site this time. Most of the photographers published are from Italy, but there are also some from other countries, and I am the first Japanese photographer.




Recent works uploaded!

I uploaded my recent works ("Ying-yang" and "Wisteria") which were awarded in several international photo contests in 2021.

Award News!

I am pleased to inform that my 2 works are awarded as the 3rd Place and Honorable mention in ND Awards 2021. My submisions are shown at below URL.

Award news!

I am pleased to inform that my 3 works are awarded as Honorable mention in International Photography Awards 2021. My submissions are shown at below URL.


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